“A Journey of a
thousand miles begins with a single step.”


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Anthony Bruce-Brand aged 11

Time Management & Personal Effectiveness

Would you like 2 – 3 hours more every day to get the important and ‘value-add’ things done? Do you want to find your information (paper and electronic) more quickly? Do you want to be more organised and know where to put things and find them again? Would you like to stop running yourself ragged, have less stress and feel like you actually accomplish things each day and week? Well this course is for you. We look at important vs urgent, we address finding places to keep and retrieve things easily, we look at creating ways to make you more efficient and effective.

Who should attend

Anyone who wants to have less stress, and more time to do the important things. Team members, managers and executives that work from a desk – from any sector or industry type.


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Nikki Hommes MBA, NLP Practitioner, ICFA Member, Master TetraMap Facilitator, Training Facilitator Executive Coach

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